Why Portfolio Leaders Choose Us

The Alignment Needed to Protect Your Investments

We know what it takes to accelerate growth.

Our strength is in our experience. Our proof is in our results.

We Know Growth

Our people know what it takes to align a sales organization behind a growth strategy. We've   led sales organizations and have decades of experience helping leaders move to valuation. 

We Focus on Alignment

Organizational alignment is the foundation of our process. We involve board members throughout our engagement to ensure consistency and cooperation in executing the growth strategy. 

We Draft Into Processes

We keep what's working. We fix what isn't. We draft in, as opposed to rip and replace, reducing risk and improving return on sales initiative investments

We Get Results

Our recommendations and engagement process result in dramatic sales performance improvements for our clients and accelerate portfolio investments' growth. 

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Improve Sales Effectiveness

Our programs are customized to focus on your most pressing business objectives. They’re not based on outdated, cookie-cutter sales training methodologies. We don't ask you to discard the sales enablement investments you've already made. Instead, we tailor our materials to reinforce your existing processes, systems and sales training initiatives. Hear Co-founder John Kaplan discuss our training initiative with Segment's Co-founder Calvin-French Owen. 

Partnerships That Work

How Investors Ignite Portfolio Revenue Growth

Our eBook covers how investor firms establish partnerships that work. 


Build Alignment with Your Company Leaders

Organizations that succeed with sales performance are able to align a company, cross-functionally, with executing the business strategy at the point of sale. A quick way to determine the alignment of your company is to ask key leaders these four essential questions:

  • What problems do you solve?
  • How specifically do you solve those problem?
  • How do you do it differently or better than the competition?
  • What’s your proof?

If you get consistent responses, you likely have the alignment necessary to truly enable your reps. If the answers are diverse, you likely need a solution that’s going to first align your company with the what, and then take on providing your reps with the how. This focus on alignment differentiates Force Management from the plethora of sales effectiveness solutions in the market. 

Your Investments Deserve Discipline. 

Protect your investments by creating a system of sales effectiveness that drives greater gains at realization.

Let's get started.