Improve Customer Acquisition

Equip your companies with the ability to sell on value.

Get the Message Consistency Needed to Sell, More Faster

Command of the Message® ensures sales teams can execute at the buyer-level, repeatedly.

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Accelerate Growth

When companies have cross-functional alignment around the value they provide and the differentiation of their solutions, salespeople have clear direction on how to have sales conversations that lead to great deals. Without that message consistency, companies stagnate while competitors run the market.  Hear the conversation with Segment Co-Founder Calvin French-Owen and our own Co-Founder John Kaplan, as they discuss aligning product with sales. 

The Focus that Transforms Companies

How growth leaders are building sales engines.

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Customized and Relevant

Command of the Message®  is not an off-the-shelf offering. It's customized to a company's marketplace, buyers and organizational structures. We make it our mission to understand the business our clients operate. The customization ensures developed content, processes and tools are immediately put to use. 

Create and Capture Value

How ClickSoftware Changed Its Sales Teams

Watch our webinar with the head of sales and learn how he did it. 

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Your Investments Deserve Discipline. 

Protect your investments by creating a system of sales effectiveness that drives greater gains at realization.

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