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A Multi-Phase Approach to Accelerate Growth

If you or your private-equity-backed portfolio companies are looking for a broader approach or need to address several initiatives simultaneously, while making sure they stay aligned and integrated — we can leverage the RightStar Alliance to simplify the process. The RightStar Alliance provides us access to operational providers that help us leverage and expand our services beyond Force Management solutions. Our partners, through the alliance, help us provide a multi-phases approach to our solutions and process including: brand development, GTM models, technology integrations, and defining and operationalizing sales execution solutions.

What is the RightStar Alliance?

RightStar Alliance is a curated group of companies that focus specifically on supporting B2B private equity portfolio companies in scaling revenue growth. Together the companies who take part in the RightStar Alliance offer leading private-equity-backed companies and their partners the opportunity to adopt more sophisticated marketing and revenue growth strategies to ensure optimize time to realization. The RightStar Alliance Members are:

  • Force Management Investor Program: Focuses on scaling and operationalizing sales methodologies and processes within organizations to fuel predictable revenue growth.
  • Sales Benchmark Index (SBI): Focuses on sales analysis and strategy to provide a critical perspective and research on go-to-market (GTM) strengths and weaknesses of the target investment.
  • Sustena: Focuses on B2B Brand Development aimed at helping PE portfolio companies engage their markets to improve their business value and increase stakeholder returns.
  • OpFocus: Focuses on empowering companies to achieve growth goals by aligning Salesforce and GTM apps to the people, process, technology, data and reporting needed to execute.

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Our Role in the RightStar Alliance

Our Investor Program supports portfolio company partnerships in assessing their sales organization’s complex challenges and defining the right path to drive consistent bottom-line impact.

Through our work with B2B portfolio companies, like ClickSoftware and Segment, we've created an operational playbook for portfolios that investor firms can use to drive alignment and accelerate growth across their portfolio. By implementing a disciplined focus on the customer, both ClickSoftware and Segment created a revenue engine that differentiated their sales organization and got the attention of the marketplace. Each organization's leaders set a focus on creating widespread, cross-functional alignment on a consistent sales message and sales qualification process — and it paid off. 

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What RightStar Alliance Can Do For Investor Firms?

Maximize your investments and ensure you’re working with the ideal operational expert to solve complex challenges needed to accelerate business growth, across your portfolio. Our goal, by joining the RightStar Alliance, is to support you in doing just that.

The members of the RightStar Alliance have worked with over 200 private-equity-backed portfolio companies. Our collective expertise supports PE portfolio companies as their businesses address the multifaceted needs surrounding roll-ups, platform-plays, and corporate carve-outs – where creating both near-term growth and long-term enterprise value are imperative.

What RightStar Alliance Can Do for Portfolio Company Partners?

By having access to a RightStar Alliance member, your partnership can be confident you’re working with the right specialists and have access to expertise in areas outside of our focus at Force Management.

The RightStar Alliance enables you to propel your efforts and accelerate business growth. Each company in the alliance is curated for their seamless execution and support in their area of focus — meaning your partnership can leverage success by ensuring you’re working with a leading provider. The RightStar Alliance enables your partnership to recognize economies of scale and avoid investing in multiple operational providers that will overlap in their solutions. Work with the best of the best, achieve great outcomes because of it.

Segment's Leaders Tell Their Story

The Impact of Force Management from a Leader's Perspective

I always kind of thought products would sell themselves. I've now realized just how wrong that opinion is. You really need both the product and a strong go-to-market message if you want to sell effectively.

Calvin French-Owen
CTO, Segment

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