How the RightStar Alliance Supports B2B Private Equity Companies in Accelerating Growth

How the RightStar Alliance Supports B2B Private Equity Companies in Accelerating Growth

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Force Management has become a member of the RightStar Alliance. 

If you or your private-equity-backed portfolio companies are looking for a broader approach or need to address several initiatives simultaneously, without overlap or wasted resources — we can leverage the RightStar Alliance to simplify the process. The RightStar Alliance help us provide a multi-phased approach to our solutions and processes including: brand development, GTM models, technology integrations, and defining and operationalizing sales execution solutions. Understand how this alliance enables us to further support private-equity-baked portfolio companies and their investor partners in accelerating growth.

What is the RightStar Alliance?

RightStar Alliance is a curated group of companies that work hand-in-hand with B2B private equities companies to accelerate revenue growth and drive predictability. Together the companies who take part in the RightStar Alliance offer leading PE Firms the ability to implement sophisticated marketing and revenue growth strategies to ensure success within their portfolio companies.

What does our membership with the RightStar Alliance mean for your partnership?

Elevate your investments and ensure you’re working with the ideal operational expert to solve complex challenges needed to accelerate business growth, across your portfolio. Our goal, by joining the RightStar Alliance, is to support your partnership in doing just that.

With experience working with over 200 private-equity-backed portfolio companies, RightStar Alliance members understand the complexities that go into optimizing time to realization within various industries and at differing company growth stages. Our collective expertise supports PE portfolio companies as their partnership addresses the multifaceted needs surrounding roll-ups, platform-plays, and corporate carve-outs – when creating both near-term growth and long-term enterprise value. 

Members of the RighStar Alliance:

Learn more about our role in the RightStar Alliance and how this membership can help you further operationalize strategic sales, marketing and GTM strategies across your portfolio. Below are the current members of the RightStar Alliance.

Force Management Investor Program:  

Our Investor Program supports portfolio company partnerships in implementing sales effectiveness processes and methodologies to accelerate business value. We’ve created a proven operational playbook that supports investors and their portfolio company partners in navigating complex sales challenges to fuel predictable revenue growth. 

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI): 

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) is a sales analysis and strategy organization. Their organization focuses on providing a critical perspective and research on Go-to-Market (GTM) strengths and weaknesses to help B2B companies grow faster than their industry and competitors.


Sustena is a B2B Brand Development organization focused on helping PE portfolio companies engage their markets to improve their business value and increase stakeholder returns. 


OpFocus is an organization that empowers B2B SaaS companies to achieve growth goals by aligning Salesforce and GTM apps to the people, process, technology, data, and reporting needed to execute. Their team consists of SaaS growth advisors and Salesforce experts.

Beyond the Alliance: Why Portfolio Companies Choose Force Management

Navigating the path to accelerate company value takes commitment and a focus on strategic initiatives across your portfolio company’s entire organization. Portfolio company leaders and their partners continue to come to us to support them in building the foundation and discipline that fuels predictable revenue growth. Our solutions help companies align their growth strategy with the point of sale, ensuring measurable results that drive growth faster and increase valuations. Our operational playbook for portfolio companies and their investor partners focuses on key areas of sales effectiveness that are proven to accelerate growth and optimize time to realization.

Sales Messaging:

Ensure portfolio companies have a repeatable mechanism to sell their value and differentiation. Learn more.

Sales Process:

Improve revenue predictability by giving the portfolio company’s sales organization the ability to effectively qualify, progress, negotiate and close high-value opportunities. Learn more.

Sales Planning:

Equip company leaders to consistently hit growth rates by targeting the right accounts and markets. Learn more.

Sales Talent:

Help your portfolio company leaders build a process that ensures they invest in the right enterprise salespeople to meet revenue goals, and have a mechanism to ramp them quickly. Learn more.

A Playbook to Drive a Consistent Sales Motion

You likely have strategic business models that you use to help your portfolio company leaders drive high-valuation performances. Consider adding a sales effectiveness playbook that elevates your strategic business models and enables your portfolio companies to drive predictable sales growth.

We have an eBook on proven, scalable frameworks that help portfolio company leaders navigate complex sales execution challenges and operationalize solutions to rapidly increase valuation before exit. 

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About Joe Kaplan

Joe Kaplan has worked in sales and sales management for over 25 years helping companies build the foundation and discipline that fuels predictable revenue growth. He currently leads the Force Management Investor Program where he consults on sales effectiveness initiatives with investors and their portfolio companies. Much of his work includes advising and managing projects pertaining to strategic sales planning, sales process improvement, channel strategy, pre-sales support and management development.

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