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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales Productivity  |  Scaling Sales

Implementing a Value-Driven Sales Message to Drive Scalable Growth

Experienced investor partners have an opportunity to help portfolio companies generate consistent alignment on their buyer-focused messaging. Generating a value-driven sales message can have a strong impact in helping sales organizations align to support rapid growth. Establishing and implementing a value-selling approach to the sales message has supported NS1’s sales organization in driving revenue growth. Their Chief Operating Officer, Brian Zeman, said, "If you’re going to hire people, grow your business, spend millions of dollars on talent, it’s simply not worth it if you don’t have a solid methodology in place to make them productive."

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Categories: Sales Productivity

How to Support Rep Productivity to Drive Rapid Revenue Growth

Improving overall sales productivity, average deal size and customer retention, requires your portfolio company’s sales organization to be able to instill value in their conversations with buyers. For private equity firms, operational alignment within each portfolio company is critical. The capital investment and performance expectations for these companies are high. Not only do these companies need to execute on their vision, but they also need to ensure that their message is right and that there is alignment cross functionally, to enable the company to profitably grow.

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