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Help Your Portfolio Companies Hire the Right CRO

While there are many things that contribute to the decision behind the hiring of a CRO, (company growth goals, time left in the investment period, etc.) there are a few key characteristics by growth stage that are pivotal for the CRO to succeed. Investor firms can help guide portfolio leadership teams in recruiting and hiring the right CRO by ensuring they match specific portfolio growth goals with the leadership characteristics needed to achieve them. We’ve outlined some key characteristics companies should consider in selecting a CRO at each stage of revenue growth in our Guide: How Investors Help Portfolio Companies Hire the Right CRO. Download the full guide here, and get a preview of what you'll find in the guide below.

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Categories: Scaling Sales

The Framework New Portfolio Companies Need to Gain & Sustain Momentum

For investors, helping portfolio company leaders quickly define their biggest opportunities to improve sales execution and accelerate growth, may be one of your first priorities. The challenge often lies in guiding your portfolio company leaders to develop the processes, training and tools necessary to execute a sales transformation initiative that truly moves the needle. In my experience working with investor firms and their portfolio company leaders, investing early in scalable, value messaging framework has enabled them to increase revenue per rep and time-to-productivity (of new hires) dramatically. If your portfolio company is pursuing a sales messaging transformation, this framework approach may help them equip their sales teams with an easy-to-use tool that enables them to execute at the buyer level repeatedly.

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